Wow What a Dress Rehersal

EEEEK 4 hours in a theater with small children in tap shoes running all around!  I made it out alive!  PHEW!    The girls dress rehersal was this evening.  Olivia came home with us to sleep over.  She swore she wouldn't be bored.  I never heard her complain so I'm not sure if she was or not.  But Dave came and picked up the big girls and took them to dinner  as soon as they rehearsed their last dance.  I stayed back with Abbi who had to go till almost the end.  I'm excited for the show it's going to be a great one!

Work earlier was a bummer but it's over and I can breath again without having to worry about ickiness having to be done.  I supposed every job has those days.  Tomorrow will be better it has to be right?

These happy cards should cheer us all up!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!


Belinda said…
Yay for getting through the dress rehersal! Love your fun note cards!