CalvinBall is here! Soooo Excited!

March 1st is here and it's time for CalvinBall!   I'm going to try to post the layouts as I go but I find the taking pictures and editing a challenge.  Maybe I'll do some through Instagram?  Or maybe just bits through there.

But first I want to share a bit of my set up.

Layouts preplannedish A La Katie Scott -

Ephemera tray stuffed full for quick embellishments more being cut on my Silhouette as I type this -

Extra 6x6 pads(those 2 front ones are from HL 4x6) I've been collecting just to add a bit more when needed - 

Some new(to me) Product to Inpsire me - 

Pinterest Boards full of ideas - My Pinterest

Some goodies to have around while I work because that's part of Scrapbooking too -

My laundry is almost caught up and my house is pretty clean, we did a big push this past weekend I even steamed all the floors and the Donation stuff went to the Vets yesterday so besides Work, dinner for the Family, kids concerts and events I'm ready.  Bring it on!  Can't wait to get a ton done.

And a last minute addition when I just went out to the mailbox woohoo!  Orders have arrived some photos and the last of my adhesive -

Now I'm truly ready!  Ok that's what I think....  Life will prove me wrong I'm sure! 


I am having a blast with the CalvinBall event. Love your set up, I hope it serves you well and you accomplish all the goals you have set for yourself. See you there!
Jill W. said…
You have lots of great scrappiness to play with! I too am struggling with the taking photos of layouts then posting to the gallery (which, by the way, seem to be upsidedown every stinkin time). Originally the only way I could even get them in the gallery was to make them so small no one could see them, now I at least can view the upsidedowness of them all... oh yay, whatever. I've decided I'm keeping it simple, I'm taking pictures on my iphone, emailing them to myself, reducing the size, posting to the gallery to at least keep track of what I've completed. (did I say simple???) I may just skip the gallery and just post to my blog (which is completely informal and I don't care how anything looks cause it's just for me), it seems to be easier and not impeed with my scrappy time. Whatever, with all that been said, I am having a blast playing Calvinball and really grateful I found it!
Tina Campbell said…
Have a blast! Looks like your well stocked up and ready to tackle all those layouts :)
martha said…
Great post. Yes, you look ready, lol. I never thought of using my silhouette to cut our a bunch of ephemera. Great idea!!
Jill said…
I'm excited about Calvinball, too! Clearly, you are more prepared than I am, ha!