Saturday, October 29, 2016

Latest Project - A Wedding

Today my latest project only 1/4 is cut I have to switch gears and start assembling.  This should be fun!  A little movie a little snacks and a lot of tape!  What more can a girl ask for on a Saturday night.  Well a Cubs win would have been nice but if I can't have that I'll take crafting any day!

Have a Wonderful Saturday night!

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Returning from a Blog/Creative Hiatus

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here.  In the last 6 months my life has changed significantly.  I changed from working in a LSS and teaching 5-6 creative classes a month for the last 6 years to working full time at a fast paced growing college.  The change for me and my family has been major to say the least.  I have been creating layouts and such for myself and those around me.  Mostly for pleasure that has been fun.  I have also been working in my ETSY shop a bit utilizing the new listing tools ETSY has put in place(I like them a lot).  But to be honest all of this the creative stuff needed to take a back seat to my Family and regaining some of my energy and enthusiasm for the Crafty World and everything around me again.

I still love my hobby don’t get me wrong I can’t imagine doing anything else but the physical and mental drain of mass creating for no other reason than someone elses gain has taken its toll on my creative mojo.  I’ve read a lot lately of many bloggers discouragement with this industry and how things work and how the general viewing public is unappreciative.  I don’t know about that?  I found those that took my classes very appreciative and many became friends and people I am proud to know.  But they were sitting in an actual classroom learning from me, we exchanged ideas and stories and built up a relationship so the basis is different. I personally was burnt out from time and sheer volume of creating and had to make a choice continue for little or no money doing what I love or take a leap of faith and return to working full time and see what happens.   I am proud of myself that I made all of my own choices and took control of what was really a losing situation, for that I give myself all of the credit.  Big pat on the back or is it a round of applause(my teenagers are rolling their eyes I’m sure).  

So enough of that let’s talk about NOW.  What’s happening!  Well I’ve been out of the 9-5 workforce for about 15 years now and wasn’t sure I could go back?   I mean 15 years of not going to a regular job working at a desk 8 hours a day to suddenly working 9-5 Monday thru Friday was daunting.  I was lucky, I created a resume, applied for a couple of jobs online, went on one interview and that was that.   It’s taken me a few months to figure it out, only partially, and I’m still struggling with kid’s schedules, dinner, household chores, appointments etc.  But it gets better each week and I find I enjoy working everyday outside the home it is very rewarding in so many ways.  Not only did I  start a new job but in an industry I know nothing about.  I went from Stock Market/Investment Data to Education at the College level.  To say that I had no idea what was going on is the understatement of the year.  I sometimes know I must have the Deer in Headlights look to people that are speaking to me at work.  My mind is frantically trying to piece it all together whenever I am asked a question, but I have to say it gets easier as well each week.  And it is totally fun learning something new, since I am naturally curious.  Today for instance a student was sent to me and I got nervous, they are going to ask me something I won’t know (I have a standard line about looking into it and sending them and email…..).  But the student asked their question and I actually knew the answer, with confidence could tell them not to worry, they even walked away happy.  There is some satisfaction in learning a new job and doing it well.  So there is that.  I’ve also been getting back to my scrapping which, I was surprised to learn isn’t really all that stressful (it was for a while) nor demanding (it was for a long time).  I can usually get about 2 layouts a week done which is my new goal.  Sometimes I take pictures of the layouts more often than not they just go into the books.  If it feels stressful or not fun, I won’t attempt it in the creative time I allow myself.  I’ve been cleaning in my craft room again little by little and will hopefully be able to get to a garage sale to unload some things.  I’ve unmounted a ton of stamps (lots of clear boxes I’m afraid to throw out) making more room and a more organized way of finding things.    I’ve also taught myself a bunch of new techniques and explored various tools I have, most notably I created my own stickers and cut them on my Silhouette, my mind is swimming with ideas for this among others.

Outside of creative and work ventures, I’ve also had a lot of fun doing things on the weekend with my family and we’ve taken an actual vacation where we went to the beach and everything.  The puppies are also awesome and this summer I need to get them signed up for obedience training.  Potty training, for the puppy has been a challenge especially with being in the kennel for the first part of my back to work but now it’s summer and someone is usually around so she can hopefully learn what she’s supposed to do.   In the mean time she has given some of her bad habits to the older dog that has to be broken.  Oh well it’s all pretty good until it rains but then they are Doxies, they do not do rain or snow or dew or anything that may touch their little belly’s or feet or ears or back or fur (you get the idea), EWWWWW.  We’ve also spent a bunch of time in the last 3 months with family so that is good as well, and we have plans to do more.  I am even went to have a massage with me, myself and I.  CRAZY right?  Well in my old world it would be.  In my new world everything has changed and that is really what needed to happen.  

I look forward to reinventing my creativity, my blog and my shop to be what I have started to envision in my mind now that it is clear.  To say that I am starting to become re-energized is an understatement.  If you’ve stuck it out to the end of this post thank you so much and I promise to try to stay away from long winded posts in the future.  And I will definitely add pictures in my next posts of creative things!

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

CalvinBall is here! Soooo Excited!

March 1st is here and it's time for CalvinBall!   I'm going to try to post the layouts as I go but I find the taking pictures and editing a challenge.  Maybe I'll do some through Instagram?  Or maybe just bits through there.

But first I want to share a bit of my set up.

Layouts preplannedish A La Katie Scott -

Ephemera tray stuffed full for quick embellishments more being cut on my Silhouette as I type this -

Extra 6x6 pads(those 2 front ones are from HL 4x6) I've been collecting just to add a bit more when needed - 

Some new(to me) Product to Inpsire me - 

Pinterest Boards full of ideas - My Pinterest

Some goodies to have around while I work because that's part of Scrapbooking too -

My laundry is almost caught up and my house is pretty clean, we did a big push this past weekend I even steamed all the floors and the Donation stuff went to the Vets yesterday so besides Work, dinner for the Family, kids concerts and events I'm ready.  Bring it on!  Can't wait to get a ton done.

And a last minute addition when I just went out to the mailbox woohoo!  Orders have arrived some photos and the last of my adhesive -

Now I'm truly ready!  Ok that's what I think....  Life will prove me wrong I'm sure! 

Monday, February 29, 2016

February 14 layout challenge - Final Post and CalvinBall

Ok so these are my last 3 layouts for February.  I challenged myself to do 14 which is about as many as I have done in the last 2 years total.  I haven't really scrapbooked in years.  What did I learn this month?  Well first I can find my mojo if I don't overthink it.  No page needs to take longer than a day(really)!   Seriously there is another one coming up right behind it, it's like getting a do over every time you sit down to create.  I have had a problem in the past thinking each layout has to be perfect.   I did a project last summer/fall where I put all of my layouts into albums, they were in boxes.  I was really impressed with what I did in the past for the most part.  I couldn't remember what I was stressing over on each layout and it was a ton of fun to look back at the photos and stories.  The point being I have thousands of photos that haven't been printed just waiting to be made into a layout that my family will appreciate no matter what I do to it.  Above all HAVE FUN!
Ok here is that paper from the Authentique Renew Expo kit.  I really like how it looks with older photos.  Lots of embellishments from my ephemera tray.  These pics are fun that's me on the top left and on top of my Dad in the bottom photo.  The baby is Cris when he was tiny.  We were all Cut & Happy then, heeheehee.
 This one is of Emily in one of her first Dance Classes.  I'm not sure why I dressed her in black but she does stand out(I'm sure I was not thinking like that then).  I hand cut the title I traced with a stencil, I remember doing this on all of my layouts years ago before electronic cutters.
 Love the frame to show off Em.  The colors of the photos are so odd because of the room lighting.
For the most part all of the papers came out of my pink scraps.  I only cut a new sheet of light green vellum for the mat on one photo.
This one is using almost all new product from the Box I ordered from BasicGrey.  So sad they are not going to be doing paper anymore.  I have a ton of old lines I've been hoarding away.  I've planned a few layouts for March with them.  Can't wait to dig in.
These photos are older Mia was an only puppy then and it's hard to remember when she was the only dog my Mom and Joel had plus look at how tiny that little puppy face is.  I did break out my sewing machine for this one and left it out for next month.

So this wraps it up.  I did 14 layouts in February granted the one above was last night.  But I still completed them in February.  All of them can be seen at in my gallery

For the month of March I am participating in CalvinBall over at Get It Scrapped.  It will be my first year, I found out about it from YouTube Katie Scott and Nicole Jones 911.  So I went signed up and will figure it out as I go.  My goal is not 100 pages like some or even 50 I will be happy if I get more done than I did last March or even last month.  I have prepped over 60 pages(much like Katie with some of Nicole's tips thrown in for good measure) but those should hold me for a bit.  Even if I wasn't working full time again and traveling this month.  I'm not sure I could scrap that much I'm still working my way back to it, but I'm having a blast. I do have a ton of layout ideas in my Pinterest boards.  I've bought some paper pads and ephemera from Mike's, the big box from BasicGrey, not to mention a years of collecting stash and some new adhesives from Thermoweb and I've got my table all set up.  For now I'm as ready as I'm going to get considering it starts tomorrow.   Wish me luck!

Hope everyone is having a great start to their week.  I'll be back with more updates throughout March.


Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 14 Layout Challenge - Post 1

This month I have challenged myself to create 14 layouts.  So Far so good I have a couple almost done on my desk and a couple more to photograph.  This will hopefully help me figure out how to photograph my layouts as you can see I have issues.  Why is it so freaking wonky?????  I have no idea.  I'm a wild woman with my camera.

Add caption
 This one uses the Authentique Renew kit we got to pick when we signed up for the Expo Crop it looked so different online when I saw it in real life I never thought I used it.  I've actually used it quite a bit this month. 
This is one from a set or maybe two sets of Stampin Up paper I've done.  Most of the pink will be these papers.   I used up some leftover Studio Calico paper and stickers and got the embellishments from my stash.
 More of that Stampin Up Paper with new embellisments from MME and WRMK.  Along with new Thickers.
I hated to break into the Wildflower paper but it was so perfect for this layout from our Anniversary B&B trip.  Plus last week I got a 12x12 pad of the same paper at Mikes for 40% off so I'm good I can use it to my hearts content now.
 This one started the month of layouts I love those copper letters from Studio Calico.  Ephemera from my ephemera tray. 

This one is a scraplift from Katie Scott.  I am obsessed with her process videos while she scraps I scrap it's very soothing.  She did this amazing heart collage with scraps so I tried to lift that.  I could have spent more time with my scraps but I think it turned out ok in the end.  The pic is of my grandparents.
 Found some pictures of me as a baby.  Used that Expo Authentique Renew kit again I love how the soft paper works with black and white.  And with my juggling bear from Studio Calico.

Oh and can you tell more of the Stampin Up Paper luckily a lot of my ephemera matches most of these pieces are from the Wildflower collection.
 And Stampin Up Paper with some Silhouette cut outs for embellishments.
 Stampin up paper on black it looks way different but I'm sick of this paper now I had to put it away. 
Lastly I found this zoo paper in my stash.  OMG how old must this be?

Ok so this is 11 layouts from this month.  I have a few more coming tomorrow then we start March.  I've been kitting for Calvin Ball again I found out about this through Katie Scott.  I swear I am not her stalker but she sure is inspiring.  I am hoping to double the amount of layouts next month.  In between things like starting a new full time job and traveling around the country.  Lets hope my mojo holds out.

All of these can be seen in my gallery with maybe a bit more info on them and product links for what I could remember and find.

Hope your having a great Month! 

Friday, February 05, 2016

New Baby Cards - It's A Girl

These have been listed in my Papertivity Etsy Shop.  I have a couple of each variation in there.  I love how cute and pink they are.  With Basic Grey Papers and Dies by Memory Box and Cheery Lynn.

I've also been adding some older items into the SALE section so be sure to check it out.  The Sale items ship free with any other purchase. 

Thursday, February 04, 2016

It's Party Time

We have a lot of Birthdays around this time of year.  Today is my Wonderful Amazing Mother-In Law's Birthday.  Happy Birthday Marilyn.  

 Here is one I've created  it's perfect for anyone.  I've used my Silhouette to cut everything for this one.  I did refrain from adding glitter so it was more neutral.

I wold like to enter this into the Daring Cardmakers challenge Balloons today.

Thanks so much for stopping by Have THE BEST Thursday!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hearts and Love


I've been busy creating Valentines.  Which really wasn't my intention but I guess I've been inspired by all of the beautiful projects around the web I just can't help myself.  Well that and a lot of the cool color challenges have a Red element, which makes it a no brainer.

Today I have a card using my current favorite watercolor medium Brushos and Tulip Tie Dye powder.  The red strip is created using those two items on watercolor paper.  Once it was dry I used a Memory Box stencil Hearts Heart Confetti and white embossing paste.  The patterned paper is from my stash.  The Love in the heart is a MFT die Heart Full of Love cut from a blue scrap and silver mirror card.   For a little more texture I've added some twine with a bow.

 This card is for three challenges:

1.  Daring Cardmakers - January Inspiration Picture
I've used 3 things from the picture first the color, second the twine and third the heart shape with silver around the edge.

2.  Simon Says Stamp - Monday Challenge - Stencil It

3.  Mojo Monday - Sketch #430

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Hope your having a Happy Sunny Day!

Monday, January 11, 2016

For A New Heaven Sent Puppy

Good Afternoon.  It's a cold snowy day here so I've been at it some more creating some cards.  I was so excited to use this new stamp set I got last week from MFT - Top Dog.  Mostly because of all the little long dogs as you can see, they are stamped and cut out of patterned paper.  I also ordered the paw print background which I've stamped in Versamark and embossed in Clear all over the background.    The greeting is a combo because I wanted it to represent a new Puppy in the family.  The Heaven Sent is from Mama Elephant - Starry Night the Puppy Dog Kisses is from the MFT - Top Dog set, I just cut apart a longer greeting.  I'm pretty happy how it turned out kinda like I saw in my mind.  I did add a bit of glitter on each puppy but it really doesn't show in the pictures it's so tiny. 
 This card is for a few challenges first the MFT Sketch Challenge #262:

Then the Color Throwdown - CTD #374 -

Lastly the Simon Says Wednesday Challenge - Something New 

Thank you so much for stopping by again today, I know 2 posts, but it's fun right?  Have a Happy Day filled with Puppy Dog Kisses.  Stay Warm!