Birthday's Birthday's Everywhere & A Special Card Kit

We have tons of Birthday's lately it seems.   Sometimes I can dig into my stash and find just the right card for the occasion but since my girls are getting older my stash seems to have more KIDDY stuff left from when they were younger.  I doubt their friends would appreciate the pretty princess cards during the teen years.
I needed something a little more grown up but not so serious.  I figured I was not the only one in this situation so I put together a Card Class Kit available in the store with some Quick & Easy Cards to put together.
Really all you need is some adhesive and foam tape as well as a couple of markers and glitter and you'll end up with these 5 Cute but not TOO Cute cards, perfect for kids and adults alike.
Each kit includes color pictures and step by step instructions.  I only made 9 of them for now, just so you know.
Hope you like it.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope you have a Great Day!