Happy November

Finally November is here. October is always so crazy with everything going on. Now we only have 3 weeks of school this month and then Thanksgiving week! Woo Hoo! Yesterday Dianne and I celebrated the new month by heading over to Craft Fancy and getting lots of work done in the classroom. Love that! Getting out of the house always help to give me a new perspective. Marc and Paula picked up the kids after church Sunday and then we had a suprise visit by Matthew, he had driven up from Fort Knox for the weekend. This is what our tree out front looked like at the begining of last week. It's completely bare now and very sad but it was a beautiful shade of fall before that last rain storm on Friday.
Bonsey made it outside on Halloween. He can't be out in the rain so he's been laying around the living room a lot lately!
The kids all dressed up and ready to head out to collect Candy! This was before they came back for coats it was a little chilly! But they got lots of candy and had a great time! Abbi is still recovering she stayed home from school, a little under the weather today and went to bed before I got home from work at 5:30. Dave said she seemed to feel better mid day! Hopefully tomorrow she'll be back to her bubbly self!


Gayle said…
To Emily and Abbigayle:
I love your Halloween costumes. You both look so beautiful!!!!
Hope you got lots of candy
Love Grandma Gayle