Daves Pumpkin with Special Affects!

Or a Hacking Cough? Dave designed this to work with our fog machine! It's very funny to watch.
I love how it still fills up our front porch with the fog.
And with Em's pumpkin next to it. Doesn't hers look appalled! Cover your mouth JEEEEEZE! Where's the NO SMOKING SIGN? HEEE HEEEE HEEE
So we woke up this morning to real fog. We have neighbors with Halloween lights and such so when I stuck my head out of the door it was eery! Very cool! I tried for pics but the fog was a little dense I wasn't really getting the lights through it.
Only 2 more days till Halloween is everyone ready?


Dianne said…
Great special effect Pumpkins...I love fog...whether it's real or coming out of a really creative pumpkin's mouth!