Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Green Wednesday

Papers Cosmo Cricket, Stamp Stampin Up, Other - Fabric Strip

This is the Birthday card I made for Dianne's Birthday Celebration last month!

It's Green Wednesday here. Our school has GW once a month. It's a day when the kids are rewarded for wearing green, walking to school(via the walking school bus), bringing waste free lunches etc. etc. etc. I love this day(most of the time) the kids are excited about it! But today it's raining a lot! It's 45 degrees and it's raining. So they get up and plan their wardrobes around green "Mommy I can only wear those pants from the dryer if their green!" etc. I work on lunches, which are always waste free except for drinks most of the time so I worry about water bottles not leaking etc. Then I get we're walking to school from Sams house. I look outside, hmmm what's a Mom to do? So I mention the other child in our car pool might not be interested in walking in the rain. Whatever, Emily yells I'm walking. So I give and say she can walk. What about me Abbi yells out. Fine whatever if I have to drive the other child to school by herself I will but it totally defeats the purpose of GREEN WEDNESDAY if I'm still driving to school, RIGHT? Frustration sets in. So we head over to the other childs house. Luckily she is up for walking in the rain. I still drove them half way I mean it's poring they would be drowned rats before they got in the building. I didn't see any sign of the walking school bus but the kids got their tickets for prizes and their happy! Now I'm thinking what are we going to do when it's snowing and blowing on GW. ARGHHHHHH Must stop worrying about things I have no control over!