Thursday, November 06, 2008


Dave was completely exhausted from all our running around yesterday. So he slept well last night. Today we went to our regular Dr. he gave Dave the go ahead to start working from home next week. Also an order for physical therapy and we were told he should tape his eye shut at night when he sleeps. Since it doesn't close all the way. Other than that he's good, tired again the waking up and running around but he's good.

Abbi on the other hand complained of a stomach ache, which we thought was because she really didn't eat this morning. In between appts. today she lost her cookies. And then started yelling at me I told you so! Apparently I didn't take her stomach ache seriously enough for her. (bad mommy) Oh well, she's all bathed and in bed and Dave is resting down stairs.
This is a new stamp I got. She's from Stampland. I love it and in case you can't tell from the pic it showcases my love of stickles since I stickled every little star. It's very sparkly!

I have some more stamping to do so have a Great Day!


virginia said...

So beautiful it is so dreamy! tfs

fishlips said...

Wow I love stampland stamps, it's amazing what they do with their stamps... This card is just so stunning, the colors are just so fantastic it just takes my breath away!!!! hi Im Erin one of our new blogging group members!!!!

Dianne said...

She's gorgeous Marnie!!!

Lisa Graves said...

Very pretty! I love all the stickles on the stars. :-)