So Dave is ok he rested yesterday and slept all night which is really good. Today he see's an ENT and hopefully will get his ears looked at and cleaned out that has been a goal for the last couple of weeks. This Dr. did his residency with Dr. Clymer so that should be good. We'll see what else he has to say about the broken bones in the ear and sinus' and how their healing.

The election is over and the lines weren't long at all around here midday anyway. Although voting for judges was a forever list, or so it seemed. The speaches were touching and thoughtful and it was over way sooner than I thought it would be. Now hopefully we can move on, well, after we over-analyze what happened and how it happened and how even though, it seemed to go smoothly, it was ever so wrong! HA Job security for the news people I suppose.

Other than that I've been painting yesterday I got the big square up above almost done. The low area needs to be touched up but that is easy and today I did the big outside wall up at the top except the edging. I need to move the stuff on the floor and go around the bottom but again easy peasy lemon squeezy as my girlies say. I tried to start the wall with the window but the sun was way to bright that will have to wait until later when it's not coming through right into my eyes.
Love love the Gnome Home stamp from Odd Bird Planet. Cute cute cute! I colored it with Prismacolor pencils and doodled around the edge with a fine tip pen.

That's about it for our home today the kids are back in school and things are getting back to some sort of normal hopefully!


Dianne said…
I love your 'Shroom's SO cute...I want to live there.
Good luck at Dave's dr appointment today!
fishlips said…
This is just darling, what a neat image, love your colors...just perfect