Election Day!

Finally Election Day is here! I'm a bit tired of listening to and getting all the campaign stuff. It will be nice and quiet after it's all over. The girls voted at school yesterday. Abbi was crushed her candidate didn't win(in the school) she cried and couldn't understand why no one liked her guy! Poor kid it's hard to explain to a 5 year old.

Here is my little fashion designer and mouse. It was so nice on Halloween they were pretty warm the sweatshirt didn't last long nor did the beret. Who knew? Abbi had a boy in her class dressed up like an Eskimo very cute but Oh my I bet he was steaming by the end of the night!
Dave has been resting after his 24 hours of no sleep. I think maybe his medications are keeping him up. We'll have to keep an eye on that.

I almost forgot this weeks Linnecards feature is masking. Here I stamped these Doodlebug presents over and over masking with a postie note! I love my postie notes for stamping. I colored everything with copic markers. The fun patterned paper is American Crafts! Be sure to check out the gallery and what the other designers have done! And the store has the Tim Holtz masks in WOO HOO they are going to fly out the doors! Must have the barbed wire!!!! Have a great election day hopefully the lines won't be tooo toooooo long!


Rita said…
The girls look adorable -- love the idea of a fashion designer! How clever -- and wow she is getting big!

My kids had a mock election at school yesterday too. And I too, am looking forward to a break from all the political ads and nonsense. It gets to be way too much when all is said and done.

Hope Dave is doing better -- I've been thinking of you guys!
Dianne said…
Marnie...the girls costumes turned out beautifully. I love the beret and the measuring tape around Emily's neck...and Abbi is an adorable mouse!
I love this card it looks quite interesting.
fishlips said…
What a great birthday card, great job on the masking...Outstanding!!!