Monday Monday!

It's been kinda eh around here. Dave didn't sleep for almost 24 hours he's having real trouble with that. But he went to bed around 5 tonight and will be there the rest of the night I'm sure. He was kinda sluggish today and we're with a slight wind I'm worried about him and the eye that doesn't blink or close. He wanted to go out to the hot dog stand for lunch so that was our big outing for the day that and to the post office and the toys r us for me to show him what I wanted to get the girls for Xmas. He talked on the phone a bit after that and that was about it for him he was done after all that!

In hindsight it seems kinda silly I needed this color on the wall so badly we needed to paint? I mean really it's not that different from the white! Anyway the half done living room is starting to bug me so I'm going to start painting what I can with my new long reach thingy my FIL brought over. If I do one wall a night after the kiddos go to bed I should be good. This is the wall Dave was painting when he fell. It's hard to see how high up it is. Here or the scratch marks made by the ladder as it came down. YIKES!
The furniture is all over the place there so that we had paths for him to walk through when he got home and we could sit down if need be.
The offending ladder is there on the floor. I think I may put it out at the curb this weekend.
Oooh and here would be a picture of a Fox I saw on my way home from Subway(dinner YUM) tonight if I could have gotten my phone out of my purse quicker to take a photo. It went around the fence on our street and disappeared in the Alaska House's backyard? Makes me glad my yard is fenced in! Not that I have dogs or anything but he was on a mission! Just running along!
So that is our Monday!


fishlips said…
Wow what alot of work, I know this will be fantastic when it done, hang in there!!!!