Sunday (Dave)

He really slept! After I got Emily up and off to her competition this morning he slept and slept and slept and slept! Till around 11:30 that after sleeping all night. He was quite sore from laying for so long but he was in such a good mood. So after much stretching and walking he seemed a bit better. He played around with Abbi and myself most of the day. Ate a little dinner then asked for pie! We played a couple of hands of rummy and he has decided his hands are not broken. Well after I pointed out he could deal the cards. Therefore he had to give me the "bird" because well his hands aren't broken. He's just mad I creamed him 230 to 90. HA All that fun and excitement wore him out so he had to lay down we watched the news and then he had to go to sleep. Hopefully tonight he'll have another good night(crossing fingers).

Thanks everyone for the cards and letters he loves reading them!


Kathi said…
{{((hugs))}} to you all. I had no idea that your dh was so badly injured and in the hospital.

I wish him a complete and speedy recovery and send you serious amounts of patience vibes.

More {{((hugs))}}