Saturday Update(Dave)

So this is late I'm sorry things got busy! Dave is starting to feel much better. He wants to go upstairs and sleep in his bed and take a shower and sleep in his bed forever but I'm not ready for the stairs yet especially ours straight up. He did try to wash up last night and shave but shaving seems to be a problem which bothered him most of the night. He gets up and walks around and moves his legs a lot. The legs and back seem to bother him the most at the moment. Which is good he may not notice all of the other little pains. So in the AM his dad came out and stayed with him while Abbi and I went to watch Em at her competition(They were AWESOME). We also stopped to pick up new slippers and such. While we were out he apparently ate Pie! I'm trying to get him to eat protein but I'll take pie! Once everyone got home we all went on an adventure to the Walgreen's to pick up prescriptions. He was very snarky in the car about how we didn't need anymore freaking adventures. WOO HOO he's getting back to himself. He cracked jokes all the way there and all the way back. He picked on the girls etc. I think the fresh air helps him a lot. He asked for Spaghetti-O's for dinner and a Pepsi another good sign. He wanted to watch some of his Tivo'd shows and eat his dinner. He's been able to watch more TV without any double vision. He also is reading a lot more it just makes his eyes a bit tired. After all that he was very tired. He seemed to sleep better last night.


Paula said…
So glad to hear he is doing better each day. And that he's wanting to eat!! Call if you need anything.