So things are starting to level out. Dave looks tons better the bruises around the eyes are starting to yellow! Then he actually stood straight up from the couch today without support of the walker. We did another little field trip he sat in the car for a Mike's run to get supplies for the class party and Target to return some stuff. I thought he was completely finished after those 2 things but when I said I was stopping at Subway to get a sandwich he wanted to come in! He even ate the entire sandwich! It was so good for him to actually get out and do something even if it was snowing just a bit. Which was horrifying for both of us. He pretty much has been awake all day so he's really getting better. He seems to be done with laying down all the time and moves from seat to seat trying out different angles for his legs(they are still really sore). He complains about moving so slow but he's really getting tons better it's just hard for him to see it and I'm sure very frustrating! I'm feeling confident that tonight he can go up the stairs and sleep in the bed. I know he's looking forward to that! That's all for now more tomorrow!


Dianne said…
It's SO good to hear that Dave is starting to feel a bit better...GO DAVE!!!!!