Friday AM

Well we all had a rough night. Dave barely slept the pain in his legs and back seem to get getting worse. I slept with one ear open and kept on eye on him while he was moving around. Emily informed me the hamsters kept her up all night with their running and Ab's woke up at 6 after a bad dream. But oh well we were all up very early and ready for the day! Dave was up early wanting to walk so we did a lap around the downstairs then he sat at the kitchen table and had some juice. Em finished her homework and studied her spelling words then went to school with Miss Renee and Haley for Mom's and Muffins. She reminded me before she left that I forgot to feed her. She was happy to find out she was going to get doughnuts for breakfast at school. After she was off we got Abbi ready and she got to watch her favorite program. I worked on more insurance stuff and then we headed out for errands. Poor Dave has to ride along so I can keep my eye on him. He was totally shocked how cold it has gotten since he was in the hospital. He wants warmer clothes. So we dropped off prescriptions at the drugstore, went to the bank, then to the vitamin store for his vit. C's and lastly picked up some milk. After that he wanted to sit at the kitchen table for a bit so I made him some soup since I figured he would need warm now. He also took some more juice which was good. The vitamins are too big for him to swallow so I have to get a pill cutter later. The pills they gave him in the hospital seemed smaller than the ones we have. I think his throat may be a little swollen which would explain why he's hoarse all the time? He's sleeping now which is wonderful since he slept so fitfully last night. Hopefully he'll feel better. I do thing getting out of the house will help him and since it seems all I do all day is drive around he'll get lots and lots of fresh air!

I'll update more later if it's not just about him sleeping. That would be boring!


Dianne said…
It's good to hear that Dave got to go on a small "Adventure" to do the errands with you. I bet he was exhausted by the time you got home...and he slept really well!