Monday Evening to Tuesday AM

So when I went back after dinner last night Dave was still in ICU waiting for a room but they had gotten him to a sitting position in a chair and to the sink so he could brush his teeth and wash his face a bit. The occupational therapist came in to help show him how to move slowly and get to edge of the bed and such so he could move to a new chair they had put in his room with a high back to support his head. The catheter had been removed and he had drank a swallow of lemonade which was totally awesome and went to the washroom. I was there for about an hour before picking Em up from practice and he didn't' get mad at me once! Well he was sleeping really hard for the first 30 from his big adventure. He seemed relieved to be moving around and was talking even more when he woke up. I discussed taking the girls to seem him maybe Tuesday evening.

I called around midnight to find out how it was going and he had finally been moved to neurology so I spoke with the nurse there. The moving around makes him really really really tired. Dave's mom had called and someone told her he drank some water so that's good.

This morning I called twice once during shift change it was a little confusing then again later. His nurse said he was doing well and sleeping but someone had left the overhead light on for she doesn't know how long which she was sure annoyed him. She turned it off and he went back to sleep. I was hoping he would be awake to talk to the girls this morning but he's exhausted so hopefully tonight I can take them over there after dinner. Plus I'm not sure how talking on the phone will work with the ear injuries? We'll see how he's doing today. I'll update more on one of my trips home from the hospital.

Thanks again for everything!