Tuesday Update

So I don't think I mentioned that yesterday Dave was removed from the Critical list down to Serious. He didn't even know the nurses apparently only told his parents and I?

Ok so as for today his Mom was there most of the morning with him and he slept a lot. Then I went later in the afternoon after doing insurance/disability stuff. He was very tired but a completely new mood for today. He's back to himself more, he's no longer so irritable which was a side affect of the injury and he's much more willing to do what we say without having to figure out the reverse psychology to get him to do it! Phew thank goodness. He was up walking today with a walker. He went all the way around the nurses station in the center of his floor it's pretty big so that's cool. He also has a washroom now and can get up and go as he pleases plus he gets to wash and brush his teeth whenever he wants now as well. I got him to eat some Italian Ice and about half a cup of water. We talked about the kids and the fact that they were doing a disaster drill. The floor he's on is very loud compared to the ICU everyone is busy. I met his roommate Harold. He's a very nice man and keeps up on all that is going on around the floor with everyone so we have the scoop! Dave did mention that he really can't hear very well and his voice seems a bit weaker today and a little horse which might have something to do with how hot Harold keeps the room. He's figured out how to make it warmer and he does so with abandon! If I missed your call today it's because I had to take my sweatshirt off and couldn't tell when the phone vibrated. Sorry. He kept saying how bad he felt that he kept falling asleep on his Mom and I. He's so much more tired now that he's moving around.

Jen was a lifesaver today one of her friends is married to an ER Dr. at the hospital that owns the one we are at. He also works with Dave's Dr. so he sat down with him and found out what was going on then we talked and he explained things that we didn't understand and also some of my worries for the future. We talked about his irritablity and he explained how that was normal for head trauma. He also told me that the reason Dave won't eat or drink is because the part of his head that tells him he's hungry is broke basically so he's never hungry. Which makes total sense when you say it like that but we didn't know that. Also the same area tells you when your dizzy/nauseous etc. and that is why he has to be on the medication so he's not sick all the time. He also said he would probably come home in the next couple of days as long as he can stay hydrated!

I stayed for a bit then got the kids from school and worked on homework then we went out to dinner before going to see him. We ran into Coach Sharon and Lily and they ate with us at the restaurant which was nice but we got there later than I anticipated and he seemed very upset that we might not come. He was excited to see the girls. He opened up all of his cards and drawings and I put them up on his board. Then he told us what he did while before we got there. I guess the occupational therapist came and they worked on some new things with him. He's learning to wash and move around doing other things which was good. I also explained everything the new Dr. told me and he was very interested to know why he wasn't hungry. He immediately asked for some cranberry juice from the nurse. Well he asked her for the crackers she offered the children but she said no he is still on the clear liquid diet. So he got cranberry juice. He didn't eat/drink anything off of his dinner tray but I think now that he knows his head just isn't telling him he's hungry he will whenever the tray comes. Hopefully crossing my fingers! Abbi was a little timid which seemed to upset him a little and she said it was because she was afraid of the dark(the room is kept dark since the light really hurts his eyes) but she was crying over by me so I think she was a little scared of all the bruising and she didn't want Daddy to know she was crying. Emily teared up but didn't cry until we got in the car and then she cried for a bit on the way home all she could say was she missed Daddy. We stayed for about 40 min the girls answering his questions about school and such and then he started to get really tired so we headed out. He was asleep before we left the room I think.

I did ask him if he wanted people to call him but he said a card or letter would probably be better since he was having such a hard time hearing. So even if you send an email I'll make sure he gets it and reads it or I'll read it for him if his eyes are too sore.

Thanks again for everyone's support and well wishes.