Using this for Updates for now!

Ok I'm going to use my blog to keep everyone up on what is going on with Dave.

First just in case you didn't get the whole thing.

Dave was painting in the Living Room on Saturday and fell off the ladder from about 18 or so feet up he was right near the ceiling at the very tippy top. The girls were upstairs and I was in the kitchen. He heard a noise and yelled out to me in the kitchen asking if it was the Hamsters then he yelled well Sh** because it was the ladder moving. There was a crash and I was going in there but Emily yelled from upstairs Daddy was bleeding. When I got there he was unconscious and bleeding from the back of the head, his ears and his nose. We called 911 and Emily had to take over the call. I was too freaked and trying to hold back the blood coming out of his head. He did regain consciousness before the paramedics arrived he just kept saying it hurt and trying to get up. They talked to him asked him questions etc. He answered some of them right some he didn't know.

In the Hospital they did a Trauma CT scan (head to toe) and many ex rays on his back and neck. He has a Basilar Skull Fracture(across the back of the skull) an Occipital Fracture(his sinus) and he broke all the bones in both ears including his ear drums. There are to hemotoma's on the brain and some bleeding in the brain.

In Emergency they wouldn't give him water or anything until they were certain about all of his injuries and anyway he was throwing up. So he was pretty angry. After he would ask for water and they told him no he would just tell me he was done and we could go now. Still strapped to the board with that huge neck brace on. He was really mad. Once they were sure nothing else was broken they could take him off the board and the braces off and stitch up the back of his head. At least the bleeding slowed down while he was there.

They admitted him to ICU got him pain medication and anti nausea medication, since every time he moved to much or took the pain medication he got sick. His eyes and face were swollen the eyes were swollen shut and completely black. They looked like black eggs. Very scary.

Sunday he was allowed to have ice chips(he had 4 tiny ones) and seemed to hold some of those down well enough. That evening he ate about a third of a Popsicle. They removed the neck brace and oxygen(which he kept taking off and out himself anyway). He slept a lot in between them checking his neurologicals every hour on the hour. His right ear stopped bleeding early on in the day but the left was still going until that evening it seemed to stop. When he woke up Sunday morning and saw me he informed me he was ready to go home. I told him it would be awhile they had to check him out. Then he thought it would be a great idea for me to get his Mom and bring her over so he could tell her he was ready to go. Later in the day he asked me how long he was going to have to stay and by the end of the day he was asking what he had to do to get out of there. He does talk but it's barely audible you have to be right by his mouth to hear. He is able to answer the Dr.'s and Nurses questions when they ask what day is it etc. One Dr. asked him to whistle which he said he couldn't so the Dr. started to make a note. I told the Dr. he couldn't whistle before the accident so that's not unusual. The swelling in his eyes had gone down but the left ear was swelling up it seemed to go down a bit after the bleeding stopped.

Monday the Dr.(neurologist) came early and ordered another CT scan and unfortunately told him he was going home on Tuesday. Which he informed me as soon as he saw me Monday morning that he was going home tomorrow. This of course is a man still on heart and blood pressure monitors, only being fed by an IV and catheterised. Who hasn't moved from a 30 degree Angle in 2 days now and is getting neurological tests every hour still. So I went to talk to his nurse and she confirmed that yes the Dr.(neurologist) said he could go home on Tuesday. I asked how that was going work and they told me I would just be watching him for any change and call 911 if anything changed. I mulled this over with his parents and mine and friends. About an hour later his case Dr. the one that cared for him in the ER and will follow him throughout the hospital since he was the one that admitted him. I call him Golf Shirt Dr. he likes to wear those. He said that Dave couldn't leave until he could eat on his own use the washroom on his own and sit up and stand up for that matter. Thank goodness I wasn't sure where I was going to put him and keep him at his 30 degree angle and how I was going to transport him home and where the IV would go and and and and. By this time Dave was mad at me yet again since I am preventing him from going home along with making him keep his IV arm straight and just in general there to be mad at. But now I'm really bad so he has to turn his back on me wherever I am in the room. Which is actually good because the nurses don't want him sleeping in one position so as long as I move he moves. Anyway he had his scan and they took him off the heart monitor and removed the blood pressure cuff which was one side of his body free. He was talking a lot better unless he was mad then he pretended he couldn't talk. He only did that to me. Thank goodness. The swelling in his eyes were even better on Monday(we could see the pupil in the right and the left opened to a slit)and the Ear seemed a bit smaller too but they are still watching it. He was told he would have to eat and stop refusing food if he ever intended to get out of there so he did ask for ice chips. They asked if he had a problem eating and he told them his jaw hurt. Which I don't think anyone really considered myself included so his nurse last night suggested doing liquids with a spoon. The CT scan came back still the bleeding but it hand not gotten worse and the blood seemed to be being absorbed back into the brain. So far so good. We still don't know if there will be any brain damage as yet too early to tell.

Ok so this is where I left to pick the girls up from a friends and make them a little dinner before they went somewhere else for a bit while I went back to the hospital. I have to get them up and feed for school so I will come back with more about last night and this morning in a bit.

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers we so appreciate all of the wonderful Family and Friends we have and couldn't get through this without you.


Godelieve said…
Oh Marnie, how frightening this must have been. Wishing your husband a speedy and total recovery, and strenght to you. It must be a really difficult time for all of you.
Teresa said…
Oh my goodness -my thoughts are with you.
Oh Marnie! You must have been terrified. I'm so sorry. You are in my thioughts and prayers.
Rita said…
Oh my goodness Marnie -- I have not stopped by in a while and I come to find this -- I am SO sorry for all of you -- how scary and horrible! I haven't read all your updates, but I hope things are improving and will keep ALL of you in my prayers.

(((BIG hugs)))