Sunday, April 27, 2008

*****Run Don't Walk*****

Dianne's Card Kits are now available for sale at Linnecards. There are only 4(well 3 when I get mine) left they are going fast! I love love this card she made with it and all the others as well! These are so cute and include the cards and envies! Check out the other designers card kits as well! Don't forget there is free shipping with a $30 purchase!


Paula said...

Too funny. I ordered mine right after everyone left there was 4 left after I got mine!! I had no trouble spending $30 and even used my 10% as a first-time customer. Can't wait to get everything!!

Dianne said...

It's very exciting to look at your blog....and see my card!!! Thanks Marnie!

Dawn said...

That is the cutest little owl card ever!! Love it!