It was a gloomy day in Springtime!

Well today it is gloomy and cold. Hard to believe that Friday we were in shorts and it was in the 80's. We were a little to excited about the warm weather I think. Thus the string of 40 degree days now! At least we haven't seen any of the snow predicted! Phew!

Friday was Schnockers at Renee's oh my did we have fun and she and her husband Jeff cooked us some wonderful Thai food! Then we scrapped and played! It was very nice indeed! We even made a little side trip on our way to Hobby Lobby haven't been there in ages! That was fun! Everyone got a little something fun!

Yesterday was Improve your life day HA! Well not really but Dianne and I did head over to Lowes and clean them out of paint chips for our various home projects. I checked out trees for the front of the house etc. then it was off to B&N to improve our minds. Well I bought a new cookbook about heart health. I figured no matter what happens I should make the Fam eat much healthier and if I start now Dave won't be sooooo cranky about it! HA We'll see what happens with all his tests but I certainly don't want to be worrying about it all the time.

Today is Paula's Open House for her new Uppercase Living business. I'm excited to see her walls in real life! She sent us sneaky peakies of them. Visit the website to preview our products. Enter the Customer Corner area by clicking on the “Customer Corner Login” link. Login using Demonstrator ID #548379 and Registration Token: Swanson and follow the registration instructions. The entire catalog is available for viewing on-line. They have lots of cool stuff it's hard to pick!

Ooooh almost forgot. This is my gloomy day card that makes me chuckle! Chas won't let the rain get him down. He'll go scubaing(word?) in any kind of weather! The stamps are justjohanna, Chas Scuba Owl and Big Cloud, the paper is Basic Grey and the die cut is Sizzix. Hope your all having a great day!


Dianne said…
This is a great card Marnie! I hope Chas is wearing his life jacket!
Dianne said…
Hmmm....we improved our minds on Saturday? I remember picking paint samples and looking at flowering trees and wandering through B&N....and drinking Dr. Pepper...but improving my mind...I don't think so. :):):)