Picture Catch Up

So I suppose these are in reverse order of how they happened and I have no pics from Nashville as I was rather ill and Dave was off at playing WAR with his friends. I've narrowed down the pictures from 300 to these! YIKES! At least I can take them off the camera now that I've downloaded them! Tomorrow pics of actual projects going on here!
The end!
The Zoo with Julia and Family!
You can see it in full color here.
Dave's FLAMING pumpkin
Trick Or Treat
Emily Parade
Abbi Parade
My completed cupcakes
Dave's Work in Progress
Abbi refusing to pose with pumpkins
Samantha's B-day Lincoln Park Zoo
So Excited!
Toilet Paper and Rain Don't Mix
House TP'd
Cheering a High School Game


Dianne said…
Great photos Marnie...I love the one of Abbi sleeping...what an angel!