Well it hasn't been a MONTH yet!


Ok so I've been MIA what else is new. DH is out of work again! UGH we knew it was coming but it's still hard. He was home every day until today! He's doing a contract job! Then lets see....... We went on Vacation to TN to see Mom for her Birthday! It was very LOVELY we had a good time. I was a bit sick most of the time but other than that we had a perfect time! It was nice to take our mind off of things for a bit and the girls got to meet the new Puppy! OMG she is too cute! We came home to Halloween I made tons of cupcakes with licorice and chocolate webs on them for Em's class. We got to go to both girls parades and take pictures. Then we trick or treated on a perfect night cool but not oh so freezing! After that we recovered then last weekend we went to the Zoo with one of Emily's friends and her family it was fun and again a perfect day. That night however the girls came down with the ICK it only lasted 24 hours for them at least! Randi had her Open House on Sunday then we did some cleaning in her office! It was nice to be out of the sick house for the afternoon! They were ready to get back too it by Tuesday. I had to write and article on the 2nd grade teachers that turned out so well I was in tears! Ok so I'm the only one that read it probably but I'm pleased. Next month 3rd grade! I helped Randi out at a Benefit Bazaar on Tuesday all day and Dave ran around wih the girls. I've started working on my Holiday Open House crafties. Got quite a bit done last night and today! Butttttt I have to work on stamp class now so brief break then back to it! Em and I have been practicing our Tap we are preforming at the Tree Lighting Bash at the park district in a few weeks. YIKES we both just learned the end of our dances! FINGERS CROSSED PEOPLE! Miss Judy our instructor says I look worried! DUH! She swears we look like the ROCKET'S(sp?) she likes to make us do line kicks! She needs new glasses I think! HA

Anyway I have tons of pictures on my camera to share you have got to see Dave's FLAMING pumpkin and the cupcakes and the Halloween costumes and the zoo and and and! I will do that tonight while I'm stamping and cutting for tomorrows class!

So I'm very sorry but I very much missed my blogging! I'm home for the Holiday Season so I'll be here the whole time sharing my progress! Have a great evening!


Dianne said…
I've missed your blogging too...I'm glad you're back!