WOW I'm Seasonally Confused!

Woke up this morning to the most FALL looking day here! It just the right grey with rain and leaves everywhere in all different colors! It seems like Fall took forever here? Maybe it's just me?

Either way I'm on to Christmas. Every night at my table working on projects for the Holidays. Luckily we have a station here playing Holiday music already to keep me in the mood when I'd like nothing more than to go out and arrange gourds! So here are a couple of creations from last night.

So the stamp Candycane Tree is justjohanna it's one of my favorites I've been using it for all Holiday's just changing the colors I stamp in. I just glittered all the white area's here thus the run must be more careful at 2am.
These are large Hershey Bars covered with Basic Grey Dasher the ribbon is Stampin Up the stamp is Hampton Art Stamps and the bird is my new robin punch from McGill. Then glitter glitter the bird and the stamp! I printed and added the Christmas Fudge poem.
So beyond all this. Emily reached her AR goal on Thursday so Friday she got to go out for dinner wherever she wanted. She being 7 chose McDonald's stipulating she would get Ice Cream as well! Friday was also my Stamp Class that was lots of fun! Saturday was just an around the house day Dave cleaned out the garage. We all watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas last night on TV. Seems a bit early but it came on right before the Wizard of Oz and the girls were dying to see that.
Dave and I later watched Wild Hogs and then he wanted to watch the bonus feature "how to get your wife to let you buy a motorcycle". I'm not sure why? He just came home with one, that seemed to work for him? HA I know he's probably reading this so I gotta say, in his defense, he owned one when we met and traded it in for a bigger louder model! Anyway none of this guys techniques(on the DVD) would work anyway I think just coming home with one is a better idea! Changes the discussion from can I to why did you! For me the Peter Fonda bit cracked me up. The movie was cute! Glad we didn't see it at the movies though!
Have a great day!