I shouldn't be here!

I should be working today is my last day of prep for the Open House tonight! YIKES! I'm no where near done! After I'm finished I will take some pics and share but I have to finish first! HA
Anyway last night we took Dianne out to celebrate her BELATEDDDDDDD Birthday! She spent her Birthday and Anniversary in Jim's hospital room so we had to wait until everything calmed down! We had fun laughing and eating pie and just being out! HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! We really aren't the suckiest friends ever I swear! I made this card for her using an Elzybells stamp and of course glitter!
I did take time yesterday to go to the grocery store initially to get lunch since I don't have a lot of time for cooking. But I ended up getting just about everything for our Thanksgiving dinner. I still need just a few things. I ordered a couple of pies from Fresh Market and I have to get the stuff to make the pecan pie but other than that I think I'm ready. WOO HOO!
Bad news......Last night Paula had to miss our little outing my BIL called her when she was on her way to tell her my oldest nephew(22) could barely walk he had been sick with what they thought was the flu for a couple of days. Turns out his appendix had burst and he had to have it removed last night. YIKES! He'll be in the Hospital for a few days. Very Scary!
Good news.....Emily got a Whiteley Eye(I?) yesterday. I'm not really sure which it is. She is very excited. This means she gets to do some sort of game thing this afternoon. I so don't get all this stuff my explinations come from a 7yr old! All I really know is it's the opposite of a Reputation Matters which apparently means you done something horribly wrong like last week the Student of The Week(can't remember her name?) held up her middle finger to Em's very best friend she was very upset. But that student got a Reputation Matters and I had to hear all about it. With her father standing behind her pointing the finger at me because I do it to him all the time! Luckily I don't think my kiddos have seen me but now I know she at least knows it's very bad. Note to self Gotta Stop Doing That!
So that's it here today gotta go downstairs and get to work some more Abbi is helping me and she is desperate to tape some poems on to the back of some tags I just finished!


justjohanna said…
LOL about your husband pointing fingers at you. So funny!
Dianne said…
I had a great time at Baker's Square...thanks Marnie and Ana and Renee! The card you made for me is adorable Marnie!
Congrats Emily!!!!

Um....I wonder how many of those "Reputation Matters" thingys we'd have gotten in school?