Quiet Weekend

Friday we did our Open House at Paula's. It was a lot of fun! I still have to share the pics cleaning up the huge mess making space for them though!

Saturday the kiddos just hung out did some face painting. I worked on my studio and my dining room as I had migrated so much stuff down there I was purchasing storage pieces for the DR. YIKES! I have to make it all fit back in here! That's my current project. My DR currently looks like a hurricane from a paper scraps company ripped through it! Gotta get it straightened out by tomorrow have a stamp class! Yikes! Dave is a bit under the weather he has a tooth ache or something it was his tooth his stomach his tooth. He's probably sick from the headache.
Today more cleaning and a couple of hours of dance rehearsal. We only have 2 more weeks until our performance and no classes this week, all of our practice is on our own. Luckily one of the members of our class works there and has a key to our room so we can go when she is there! Phew! The kids went out in the cold to play today at least the rain stopped! I told them to dress warm. Abbi wore black leggings, ballet skirt, midriff dance tank top winter coat and boots. She was back in, in less than 10 minutes crying! Mommy had to dress her! Then later they were full of cuteness! I was upstairs working on my DT assignments and listening to them play inside. Camp out in their closet. They kept saying BFFL then Best Friends For Life! It's soooo stinkin cute I can hardly stand it! Then when they had moved on to a game where you toss a toy into a bucket I overheard Emily saying sis sis you do it like this! How sweet I've never heard them call each other sis before! Then they moved on to some dog game that required howling and left me searching out the window for the wounded dog! HA! It's always fun here!

Hope you had a great weekend!