Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh Baby it's Chilly Outside

Ok not terribly cold yet but getting very chilly! My throat clearing is coming to an end I think. Phew! I was starting to annoy myself I'm sure those around me couldn't stand it!

Yesterday was Family Night at Abbi's school! She's too cute she said "Come ON I'm going to show you around"! We all chuckled she really just showed us the kitchen in the back corner of the room. No worries Emily had preschool 2 years in the same room and this is Abbi's second year. Luckily for Em a few of her pals from school were there to hang out with and talk to. Mommy did make a faux pas apparently. One of the boys from Em's preschool that has been in every class she's had since she was 3 used to be called Yo Yo I only know him as that from when he was 3. I asked him to help pick up a puzzle he was playing with and everyone laughed when I called him Yo Yo! He's older now his name is Yohiro don't you know! YIKES!

Dance rehearsals are coming along only 2 more practices before the Tree Lighting Celebration. I have to find Em a Holiday dress!
And since I'm cold here is a snowy card for you. Stamped justjohanna's Candy Cane Tree on leftover Christmas wrap from last year and cut it out. The snowman is Cuttlebug and the rhinestone snowflakes came out of a kit. I used a shimmer pen to do the details.

Stay warm have a great day!

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