Pittbull with a Leg, that's me!

Ok I know I'm like a pittbull with a leg when I get on a subject. Or as we say in our house "beating the dead horse"(but then you have to explain to your children that no Mommy doesn't really beat horses that are dead or alive or at all........ and there isn't a horse in the yard and if there were it wouldn't be dead...... and no you can't have a horse for your birthday....... Phew)

So now your asking yourself what is she ranting about????? Ok it's Bret Michaels(I'm fixated sorry). I get that he was in a band he sang(maybe even still sings) pretty well, seems to have a decent personality considering etc. etc. But why are all these women falling all over and hurting each other to date him? Isn't he just essentially dating them all at the same time in front of each other and making them have girl fights over him? How is this appealing? Is this really the kind of guy these women want to date? Are they really going to end up with him in the long term and do they really believe that? Didn't Flav propose to the girl that ended up winning his last reality show and isn't he casting for the next Mrs. Flav, what happened to the last girl? Is Bret Michaels going to end up searching for a new girlfriend every summer?

Beyond the way the women are treated I have other questions(contain your shock). Why does he kiss them like that with his lips all poochy coming at them from 5 feet away? And then after the you might have cooties kiss he grabs their head and shoves his tongue down their throat? Is this supposed to by hot? And why does his face always look like it's melting? Does he wear that much makeup on camera? How does a girl kiss a guy with so much pancake on it's sliding down his face? And come on he's in a house with how many girls that seem to know how to apply makeup rather well and rather thick(I don't see their makeup melting.....every episode that is) one of them can't help him out with his? Wouldn't that make a hot date for him, a girl teaching him how to do his makeup right? Is it that hard for a "ROCKSTAR" to get laid when he's past his prime that he needs his own show to get dates?

All in all I like the bodyguard he seems genuinely bothered by what he has to ask the girls to do and for leaving them behind or sending them home. He's also kinda cute in a gruff sort of way like a lumberjack you know strong and silent but somewhat respectful. I wonder if he's single? Couldn't these girls date him?

Ok I'm done now just going to file it under WACKY TV I watch but learn nothing from.


Rita said…
OH..MY..GOODNESS -- I am SO glad I was not drinking anything when I read your post because it would have certainly come out of my nose!! YOU CRACK me up girl! First, the beating the dead horse, then the pancake face...I'm still laughing....

And sadly -- I have no answers to your questions...for none of it makes any sense whatsoever to me either! Ahhhh VH1 -- you are so very clever....