Monday, September 03, 2007

Alone at last!

Ok so I know it's bad but for a little over an hour today I was all alone in a silent house! SILENT!! SHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ok so the phone didn't stop ringing and I had to upload my Tuesday Tool Challenge but I was alone while I did it! HA Of course Em told me when I dropped her off today "Mommy now you can take a nap!" I had to laugh "AS IF!" She seemed hurt I wasn't going to nap in my spare time, hee hee! Abbi suffered while we waited the 30 between drop off times. She was so sad she wasn't going straight to school! Sad to her well, is dramatic! I think we'll have to do a redo of her first day of school it looks as if she doesn't want to go. When really all she wants to do is be there and not have me taking pictures! Plus I was laughing I shouldn't have been but she was freaking out for nothing really! Ahhh she's Mama's girl alright!

So like I said today is Tools On Tuesday over at linnecards. Today we're using our flexible rulers. This is a layout with a pic of Dave I found on the internet while surfing. In March he did the event at Ft. Pulaski in Georgia again. He loves this event and this year a ton of his dudes were there to enjoy it with! He says he's the worst outfitted guy in the picture however being a total FARB I don't see it! HA! So on this layout I got to use my new B-day present from all my friends my cool new markers! WOO HOO!
So have a happy Tuesday and get out there and use some of the scrappy tools you never get around to utilizing!


Dianne said...

Poor Abbi....all she wanted to do was go to school...not take any stinkin' first day of school photos. Even though that photo is just adorable...crying or not.

Rita said...

That photo is SO adorable! Hope you're doing well Marnie -- and hope the girls have a great school year. Enjoy your quiet time!