Enjoying Everything!

So today I was just thinking how lucky I am! And thought I would share. Not only did Dave, my Friends & Family suprise me with a beautiful birthday lunch but they gave me the most fabulous gifts. I've taken pictures of a few. My Mom gave me this wonderful Le Crueset pot, Dave found a large Peppermill for me in black(woohoo) it's to replace the little one next to it(I got tired of filling it everytime I cooked) my Friends splurged on this Marker Set(OMG how FAB is that) Randi gave me this beautiful handmade purse from her collection(she does an amazing job!) And not pictured becuase I tore it apart the next day is the gift box of my entire MK wishlist my brother got me I had to use the bath stuff right away I couldn't wait! Dave and the girls also got me a Rice Cooker and some of my favorite mints. It really was wonderful and I'm very lucky to have these people in my life!
So the first thing I did besides take a wonderful sweet smelling bath is to cook with my new pot! I found this blog The Pioneer Woman Cooks YUMMMMM-O! I made the Pasta Primavera in my new pot and it was Fabulous even though I forgot the peas(oops I even had them?) my entire family ate it which is unusual. I also made the Sinful Cake which is what my family calls Texas Sheet Cake and it was amazing and I have to say the frosting was so much easier than I remember it being to make!
I also made rice with the Rice Cooker. Emily is a rice addict. She has it for breakfast, rice cakes for snacks, booty(a puffed rice snack) and would request it for dinner every night if I let her. She asked last week if she could take it for her snack to school. I didn't think the teacher would appreciated her pullling out a bowl and spoon in the 10 min they get to snack(HA). The Rice Cooker really is the easiest thing ever to put the rice in and walk away it shuts off when its done and you have fluffy rice. I'm on my second bag of Jasmine Rice in 2 weeks! Ok I'm hungry must make breakfast! Have a great day!


Julie said…
Happy Birthday, Marnie!! Looks like you had an awesome day! I don't know which present I am more jealous of...those markers or that POT! Wowzee!!
Dianne said…
I love your new pot too Marnie.....what a wonderful color!
And...please watch your markers carefully...with so many...you might not know if they suddenly start disappearing one by one. Of course...if you REALLY need them...you can probably find them living at my house! :):):)