End Of Summer Sadness!

So today I'm cleaning out pool bags and we're storing away summer things we think we won't use until next year! I'm sad even though our pool closed about 3 weeks ago I was hopeful we would get time to get to a pool somewhere. I think Dianne's pool is still open but then they might not like having Abbi and I hanging there all afternoon. Plus next week starts all the extra stuff Dance, Dance, Dance. My little break of late will be over I'll be crisscrossing from school to practice to dance rehearsal to something else I'm sure I should be somewhere doing something or taking someone to do something? ARGHHHHH. Tuesday will be the death of me this fall one has dance one has cheer and I have dance now if we could just find a class for Dave. I'll be taking a nap on Wednesday's don't call here!

HA Anyhoo here is my final farewell to summer! It took me all summer to find this color and Monday it's going away, back to something dark, soon I won't be able to wear sandals anymore and ACK I'll have to take off the toe rings and ICK wear socks and even worse real closed in shoes EWWWWW. Even worse the girlies will have to wear socks and shoes(Abbi had to start this week to play on the playground at school) what will we all do without our flippies. On the upside now is the perfect time to find AMAZING deals on cute sandals for next year! Hmmmmm I wonder how late Nordstroms is open????? Gotta run!