Mix Tape! XM Radio! And Genral Lameness!

It's Monday which means it's time to unveil our linnecards creations! This weeks feature is Stamping! Perfect for me I must say and I got to use a few new never before seen ink stamps! Be sure to hop over to the Gallery and check out what everyone else did there are some UBER cute projects!

Ok so I saw this adorable ultimate mix tape layout over at twopeas and it made me chuckle. I was working the other night and listening to XM Radio and enjoying the perfect blend of Old and New Rock that was just enough to keep the mojo moving.......when low and behold Bret Michaels came on to tell me I was listening to his mix! GO FIGURE????? I never really got into Poison or any "Hair Bands" for that matter and what I was listening to wasn't what I would call "Hair Band" material. I just find it funny that while I loath to admit it if I see Rock Of Love on I have to watch it, it's like being a gaper on the Kennedy Expressway! I have to do it! Dave is always appalled to find me glued to the TV watching this or the Scott Baio show(don't tell me how it ends I haven't run into the last episode and I'm afraid to TIVO it I'll be ridiculed)! He shakes his head and walks away! It's sad I know I'm LAME! Luckily he's so far too embarrassed to tell anyone about my very questionable TV habits! Anyway I thought this was an adorable layout love how it's all words around the title and such a great idea! I should make my own list of my own ultimate mix tape(another thing for the todo list ARGHHH)! Maybe next year for my b-day Dave will work for days recording my favorite songs from my list making the perfect mojo inducing blend of music? It would be oh so romantical! That is if he can get past the humiliation of having to live the lamest girlie on the planet! Well ok the girlies watch High School Musical 2 every single day since we have the sing along version Tivo'd! I'm sure someday we will bring that up again! HA!