Hammer Hammer Pound Pound

Can you hear it over the internet? If not, I'm completely shocked! Yesterday the new roof was installed it looks great! No one fell through the ceiling and the rain held off much to my suprise. So we had a moments rest and then at 7:30 this morning they started ripping off our old siding! The new color is wayyyyy lighter than I thought it was going to be! We'll see how it all looks up it's hard to tell in the box next to cardboard. Right now my house is covered in white with paper. Looks great with the roof! Hee Hee! The kids are happy today they can watch TV now that the dish is back on the roof! HA Makes up for not being able to go out in the yard!

This card was made using the justjohanna stamps. I have tons of new stamps coming from her and I just can't wait to start using them. I'm a little obsessed!

Also the challenges are continuing over at linnecards! Check them out and play along for prizes! They are totally fun I did 2 of them Wed. night at scrapbooking. The color(red/orange) and the stamping(paper piecing) challenge. Plus I got to use the new stamp Dianne suprised me with! I love it!


Emilia said…
I love the first one a lot! the color gives a lot sense of fashion !
Jab @ BZT said…
After all these years, the memory has removed exactly which day it is but I know you have a birthday this month. I want to wish you a supergroovy one and I'm glad to see you're happy and healthy.

By the way your artwork is very, very cool.