Saturday, August 18, 2007

OOOOH it's almost Done!

The siding is almost done! And It looks great at first I was worried about the color(the color of nothing Dianne?)but now I like it all over the house. It's really very soothing! I finished all my stamp class samples yesterday while listening to the pounding of the hammer! I was a little stressed by the end of the day. It's like sensory overload! Things only jumped off the wall in the studio at me a couple of times mostly things I had stacked. There was a moment when I felt the need to leave the room in case the big cabinet came off the wall(it didn't I'm paranoid!). Dave swears the house is sturdy and won't collapse in on us. But I worry you know! The hammering has already begun today but my little fam seems to not care they are sleeping through it! It will be short only a bit more they said they'd be done by noon!

So the girls went to their b-day party last night! Abs was so excited to be invited to a big girl party! Although the big girls were LOUD and she kinda freaked a couple of times about it. I stayed for about an hour and went to the park with the group before I had to come back to teach! They came back with posters of TROY(Scream, Sigh) for their walls. Well the rest of the cast is on them as well. They were cute last night Em was asking Ab's where she wanted to hang this poster and that poster! Dave said that they didn't watch the movie though! When they get up this morning I'll get to talk to them more about it!

Class last night was fun even if my house is trashed and everything from the walls all over the house is laying on my LR floor. Plus we got to hang out with Ana, who we never see anymore. Dorie came again she is just so cool and Jennifer P came on a Friday so it was a full house and lots of fun! At least I hope it was!

Today, well it's gloomy and there's the hammering so I think the girlies and I will go to a movie since we can't go to the "Big Pool". I'm sad our pool closes tomorrow and we're having a gloomy weekend. Abbi is so funny she is dying to go to the mooby theatre. She so wants to see Ratatootie! Cracks me up!

Blah blah blah blah blah! I'm boring myself so I'm sorry you've had to trudge through it! I WANT pictures!!! So here are a couple of cards I made using more justjohanna stamps. Although more isn't the right word it's Little Al again. I love him he's cute! And the Spring Tree which I don't think I've shared before! This was in a paint and glitter phase!
Have a great weekend!


Dianne said...

Stamp camp was fun last night....and your house is going to be beautiful when it's done...I love the color of the siding you chose!

Julie said...

cute cards today :)

Emilia said...

Al poking his head out of "O" is so cute!

andrea said...

i love little al too! he is my fave of all.

Kathi Rerek said...

Wonderful cards. I love little al too. He's adorable.