Bad BAD BLOGGER! Totally have been away from my computer! Summer has gotten a bit out of control this year! Football season started here a couple of weeks ago and that was that! Although I have no boys I do have one Tiny Mite Cheerleader and their schedule is busy even if they are Tiny! We are lucky this is the year we don't have practice every night for 2 hrs like the bigger girls next year we're not so lucky, maybe she'll decide she doesn't like it suddenly? Anyhoo the schedule goes down to one night a week when school starts next week! FINALLY school is starting! Phew!

What else is new? New roof and siding coming when the rain stops! Thank goodness it was about time. Play dates and sleepovers galore! Both girls were invited to a birthday this Friday a special party to watch High School Musical 2 which is beyond exciting for all of Em's friends! Troy is so cute you know, he's even on all their messanger bags/backpacks for school! And you know the CD just came out they all desperately want it! They are just tooooooo cute! Shhhhh.... don't tell Em I told you she gets really upset when I share her secrets! Teacher letters came and we know know where almost everyone is except the boys but we giggle and laugh about what boys we "don't" want in our classes!

Anyhoo I have lots of things to share! At linnecards we are doing daily challenges. I have Tools On Tuesday my challenge for 8/14was to use Templates. Dianne is doing the Quote Challenge on Mondays and there are color, technique, stamping, stash and other challenges during the week. Sharon is even giving prizes for participation which is always fun! Here is the card I made using my template and doodling a bit!

The card up top is Little Al from justjohanna. Love that little guy! I have lots more cards and projects to share I just have to clean up the images a bit! Have a great day!


Emilia said…
I see you!! I love this one!! How cute!
Dianne said…
What wonderful cards Marnie! It's good to see you blogging again!