Only 1/2 a Day Left!

Today is the Day Emily is out of school for the Summer! I'm getting a bit excited to have my girlie's both here all day! We can do whatever we want whenever we want! WOO!
I think we'll start next week with some painting they are a little jealous of Aunt Paula and my paintings from Wed. night! And fascinated with all the paint colors! I made a little painting for Emily last night! I'm going to fix it up and give it to her tomorrow! She loves the Eiffel Tower! The other paintings can be viewed at the Schnockers Blog! This is huge 12x20 or so.
And now for some entertainment! Have you met Clark & Michael(not Mike....Michael)! They are funny......HA HA! I'm enjoying a little video time with them as they write their first script! You gotta check it out! You'll enjoy it too I'm sure!
Have a great day!


dawn said…
Good morning hun - and love the little sneaky snippet you have for us this morning. Wishing you a stress free week with children being out of school :)
Pamela Posch said…
Great painting! love your blog too!