Vintage Photo Challenge

I played along with Nancy's Vintage Photo challenge. Made this ATC (stamp is Poppy Ink).
Today was Field Day at school. Em came home a muddy mess and of course we had more rain today! Not that we don't need it but she was filthy! Tonight the 3 monsters Dave included walked over to the store to get out of my hair for a bit!(mommy was cranky) They came back with a dozen roses! Abbi seemed a bit put out, she came in said "I'm back, we got flowers, I'm going to play in the garage!" very matter of fact all the while stomping through the kitchen on the way out the garage door! I'm not sure what she thought they were doing but I'm guessing she thought they would stop at Starbucks and she would get a Vanilla milk(her very favorite and since she walks that way with me often I'm sure she was thinking it!) She was funny Dave and Em both were a bit annoyed she ruined their little suprise! Oh to be 4 again! Hee Hee! Oh well I have some beautiful flowers to enjoy! And maybe tomorrow I'll take her for a Vanilla Milk!


Dianne said…
Marnie...when Dave and the girls went to get your flowers...I was in Sir Nicks Pizza and watched them walk by with the was a sweet picture with Dave holding the flowers and the girls scampering around!
oh Marnie
she is just too cute! love what you did! I will be added a link to this from my blog. thanks for playing!