Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! I'm posting before everything gets insane today! I just finished all the brownies for the Teacher Appreciation luncheon later today or tomorrow since I haven't been to bed yet! YIKES! Today/Yesterday was nice but I was tired for some reason! Dance Rehearsal just about killed me! Only 2 more weeks until the dance recital! OMG! OK enough thinking about that!

So here is another Happy justjohanna card isn't she cute! She's the perfect center for a flower or any ones world! Certainly mine! I love her! She just screams BRIGHT COLORS PLEASE!

Have a great day!


dawn said…
Hi Marnie... thanks for visiting me today :D... love this card you did, just beautiful :)
Dianne said…
Your card is beautiful...I love those stamps!
......Did I hear "Brownies"???...Are there any left? Can I have one? Two?...a crumb?
Aunt T said…
How adorable. So pretty!