Tuesday and 80 OH MY!

So it's 80 today! It's beautiful and sunny and windy and 80! It's about time! So Em found her missing tooth in her bed last night! WOO HOO! No worries about where it could be! It was actually quite big, I'm surprised she didn't find it sooner! Anyhoo I'm in a baking frenzy today baking brownies for the teacher appreciation luncheon tomorrow! I only need 80! HA! I'm tired of chocolate so I'm moving on to blondies! I also have to finish Mrs. Stanis' gift and get it all wrapped up. Phew Em was upset I didn't have it for her yesterday! OOOPS Mommy has just run out of time this week!

So here is a photo of my toothless wonder! HA She can't help but give that goofy smile! And now she's lost the ability to say T's clearly! Abbi says she talks like her!

And for good measure and to be fair here is a picture of the Other One(I call her this a lot! HA) She hates having her picture taken now which is sad she used to pose so sweetly for me! Now it's a pout or the back of her head as she runs away! Screaming the whole time how she hates having her picture taken! ARGGHH This too shall pass! I hope!