Ahhh the weekend!

So it's been a crazy weekend and I can't even remember what I did! All I know is I did LAUNDRY! Lots and Lots of LAUNDRY it's like rabbits in my house it multiplies! No matter what I do it seems! I'm so close to being caught up, but I've said that before! I know it's a false security those empty sorter baskets their taunting me tomorrow they will be full again!

Anyway enough about my moaning! I finished my Round 4 Challenge Layout at Scrapbook Chalet! This week we were to use an ad for inspiration. I used the basic shape and lines of the layout although I sort of turned it on it's side. Voting is going on for another hour or so! Then we know who moves on to Round 5! Oh speaking of the Chalet, they had an awesome chat last night with Cheryl Mezzetti she was great fun and gave out awesome door prizes! It was an all around wonderful chat! Oooh almost forgot. Here is my layout for the challenge. It's very clean looking! The bottom scroll got cut off by my scanner it wasn't digging the bottom of the page! Sorry!

So what else! I did my grocery shopping late last night saving only $42 this week. Last week I had a savings of over $45 on my bill the cashier was so excited. Now I'm trying to save over $50! LAME I know! But it never hurts to have a goal!

Emily had her second cheer practice for the Rush Game they've made her a tumbler for the game during their big field cheer! She's so excited!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!