Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Have you seen mine? Aren't they cute? I got these on clearance at M's for 25cents gotta love that. All I had to do was paint them. Then I used the Crate Paper papers on them and a little pen work! Love love how they turned out on the red wall over my stove! Dave was good he helped me figure out how to hang them and VOILA!

So today is upload day at the Cottage for me and some others! This month our sponsor is Imagination Project with some really cute Christmas paper. I used it for a little Christmas but tried to do a non Christmas layout with it since it's really just the right colors for a lot of things and the plaid is YUM-O and I will say you have got to check out their COASTERS I'm in LOVE!

So I have a funny story about Yesterday! You know or maybe not Abbi is about to be 4 and she's well mooooooooooody! Ok she has always been mooooooody but sometimes it's more pronounced than others. Anyway she was upset that she couldn't wear a certain dress to school, upset that she wasn't getting new dance shoes upset that she couldn't go to her friends house to play upset because she wasn't tired upset because she was tired upset that I wanted her to eat lunch upset she couldn't then she could play with the moon sand etc. etc. you get the points! So at some point midday she was upset because after eating 3 large pieces of cheese pizza for lunch she was still "REEEEEALLLY HUNGRY" she says. So I offered her a Brownie but when I checked they were all gone seems Daddy and the girls had finished them off the night before. So not wanting to hear anymore whining for that moment I grabbed a small bag of M&M's out of the jar and handed them to her. She had a fit huffing and puffing and crying saying she didn't want candy and she was going "to save it for later" then hiding it. Whatever I shrugged and said fine then turned around and got myself a littel candybar out of the jar and proceeded to eat it. WELLLLLLL.......... That was the last straw she started stomping, screaming and crying "FINE" grabbed her M&M's and ate them in a state of anger. REALLY I'm the MEANIEST MOMMY EVER force feeding M&M's! It was really amusing and if you know my kids you know just how much so! They are like walking sweet tooths?Teeth? Well whatever it is she just cracks me up when she gets like this clearly nothing will work but a nap but you know She's a "BIG GIRL" and doesn't need naps anymore! Oh well I can only hope this is a phase and it will pass quickly!

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