Ooops been meaning to..... But

I made 10 of these Christmas cards this week this is part of a challenge to do 10 a month! Hopefully I'll be done with mine by August and I can move on to other fun stuff like tags and gifts! I am planning on making each months card different as I get a little tired of the same thing over and over!
Stamp camp was a week ago! Flat Olivia attended she however held up the projects going around the table so we had to bench her. She was just really really much to talkative!
A week ago today Abbi got her ears pierced at Libby Lu she was so excited! Emily went to a b-day party at Build A Bear so this is what Ab's and I did. Then we went out for a special lunch for big girls! Then that night Mommy was bad and took one out while cleaning it couldn't get it back in! I know I SUCK! She was a trooper we went back the next day had it redone and they painted her nails and mommy bought her a doughnut at the grocery store later!

We had Brownies this week where I promised the girls we would do science stuff, which they voted on. However after about 15 min of that they wanted to run around and play tag! Lots of energy! So they voted on Dancing next month! We'll see how it goes! Later in the week Em told me she thought the science experiments would be working with water and stuff. I did Friction, Invisible Ink with Lemon Juice and Vibrations. Hmmmmm water crossed my mind for about a second but having to bring everything there and then clean it up hmmmmm? Maybe next year there is another science Try It for brownies!

Had my first PTA meeting as a Staff Reporter for the newsletter! Fun fun although I got roped into doing some calendar for next year and god knows what! I knew ahead of time I was volunteering to work with the Models for the Multi Cultural event since Emily is one and Karen asked if I would help out. Oh well at least I didn't say I would do Market Day I have nightmares about that! ARGHHH!!!!

The rest of this weekend was a scrappy weekend. Friday I did 2 pages 1 of them a DT layout for next month(got my box this week full of PRIMA!) gotta love it. The other for the Cottage Challenges. Then Saurdayt I did another layout with some paper I got out but did not use for something else. Easier than putting it away I think! HA We also went out to lunch after getting the car emission tested. Still cleaning in my scrap room trying to get organized! Sunday I worked on some Circle Journal pages which I think are going to be super cool or at least in my head they are! Now to get them on paper! The girls went outside and played in the new snow then we got more new snow! It's very very white now! We also baked some cookies in the Easy Bake oven BIG FUN! Hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed warm!


Christi Snow said…
Gorgeous card, Marnie! I should do the same for my Christmas cards as I am always doing them last minute. It sounds like you have been busy, girl! smiles...