Monday, December 04, 2006

One More Picture

From Thanksgiving! I made this banner for my mirror for the Holiday using Vintage Art Glass Glitter and Cardstock. I will say this I wouldn't get much bigger with my font in the future simply because while these were drying they were very floppy! I was very worried they wouldn't get stiff enough to hang. But they did and they are very heavy. Then I wired them up and hung them with a ribbon to my mirror!

For the rest of the month it will be all Christmas all the time! I'm working now on my Christmas Banner which will be a bit different than the last couple but still on my Big Mirror! Small story behind this mirror. It hung in my house when I was very little then in my grandmothers house. It's been a number of different colors(my mom, aunt and grandma painted everything over and over). I remember, when I was old enough, cleaning the glass when went to my Grandmas just because I loved how it looked when I was done and I could stand on the couch and reach it! Silly I know but I'm so happy to have this mirror on one of my Dining Room Walls! However hard it is to take pictures of things hanging on it! LOL

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