A lot of Catching Up

So I've missed a couple weeks! Sorry! Here's how the story goes. Week of Thanksgiving cooking cooking cooking. Dave's new company gave everyone a Fresh Turkey for the holiday so that's one less thing to worry about. Wed. before the feast Dave is in an accident on his way to work. Real bummer car is driveable but you can't open any doors on the drivers side and the mirror is gone. The damage is one long strip down the side of the car touching both panels and both doors! EWWWWWW He is fine, a little miffed but fine! (he would laugh at my using the word miffed to describe his attitude! HA!) I forgot to take pictures. BAD BAD SCRAPPER!

Feast Day arrives and everything is wonderful! The weather is FAB The turkey turns out great as you can see in the photo. We mad a homemade apple pie, onion tarts and turkey cupcakes. I say we since I had 2 little helpers peeling apples putting crust in tart pans and grating cheese among other things. They were the best! Em wants to learn how to do everything! Abs floats in and out depending on what her mood is. Anyhoo the guests arrive(MIL, FIL and Dave's Aunt Dotty) we all eat too much get very tired after the food and wine eventually have dinner and then their off with many leftovers in hand. We then all basically pass out! Well Aunt Dotty brought the girls some coloring/sticker books they are having fun with those. Dave and I pass out!

The rest of the weekend we stay close to home except for a trip to the grocery store by me to get some food other than TURKEY!!! It's in the 60's here the entire weekend and Dave and the girls go various parks in our neighborhood each day riding their bikes there sometimes!

Sunday we get the sad news that Dave's Grandma Emily has passed away. She was 102 and is the person we named our Em after. From then on it's mostly family preperations.

Monday Dave gets the call that the insurance company is totalling out his car. YIKES it's I think only 5 years old! But the damage will cost 85% of the cost to replace the car. So now we have a rental for a week until we find a new car. Dave is not having a great week!

Wake and funeral arrive and the weather takes a turn the rain arrives the temps drop and we spend 2 days in and out of cars, houses, funeral homes in the soaking wet freezing wind weather. Luckily the snow held off for one day a lot of family came from the WI/IL border and a bad storm would have made it impossible to get back. Anyway we pulled Em out of school for a day and a half for all of this and drug them all over the city it seems.

Thursday night we are exhausted and head off to bed just as the snow/rain/ice/sleet begin. We wake up Friday at 5am to a phone call from the phone tree that school is cancelled which requires I look out the window since we have a lot of plows here and everyone lives within 4 miles of our school so I have to check it out! We are affectively snowed in! It wouldn't have been too bad if we hadn't had wind but the 1 foot of snow we had turned into 4 foot drifts. Which the kids ramped up to make mini sleading hills in our yard! Also making it very hard for Dave to go Car shopping.

School being cancelled meant the Disco(you read that right) and GS Bake Sale were cancelled so I spent most of my day calling people and making sure they knew!

Later that night Dave finally got to the dealership to check out a couple cars which took 3 hours of hunting for and de-icing the cars to test drive them. The girls crashed out after playing in the snow most of the day.

Saturday Dave headed out again to check out some more cars Em went on a play date. Dave came home with a decision to make and some cool new snow toys. Snowball makers and shields. Or as Em calls them ClabberNabbers. I took lots of photos in the snow. Last night we met Dave over at a dealership where he bought a pre-owned car. It's 1 year old and the coolest blue(he doesn't love blue cars, but I do!)! We went out to dinner at Bahama Breeze which was yummy, to mark the close to the week that wouldn't end. And another happy note we finally got mail today which means we got our movie! Dave and I snuggled up after the girls went to bed and watched "The Breakup" which was very pleasant!

So here we are Sunday and my house is trashed, somewhere during the longest week ever boxes came down from the attic one Christmas tree went up with lights and I have yet to put the ornaments on it! The girls are using the boxes as a fort in my DR. So I have to get my but in gear today and get some decorating done so we can actually walk through the house again! Phew I'm looking forward to getting back to some sort of normal schedule!


AnneMarie said…
your snow pictures are beautiful! wow!