Thanksgiving Is Coming

A few quick pics until I get some creative pictures done! Em's Thanksgiving play at school Thursday there were Pilgrims and Indians They all did a fabulous job!

Today we're working on our Thanksgiving dinner so I got out the Sweet Potatoes I sent DH to the grocery store yesterday. HAAAA he bought the largest potato he could find clearly! It's ENORMOUS! I had to take a photo! So now the potato is in the oven I'm not quite sure how long it will take to cook but so far it's an hour! YIKES! Good thing I'm doing my sweet potatoes before Thanksgiving Day!!!!


Tina said…
That is the neatest thing!! I can't wait to see how it turn out!
Rita said…
That potato picture is so darn funny -- I love it! Your girls are getting so big Marnie -- hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!