I'm Her Biggest FAN!

You gotta love a Monday morning playdate! Last minute and awesomely fantastic something to occupy the children while I get stuff done! My to do list consists of 8 things remaining that absolutely have to be done no excuses. After that I get to work from my major list of things to be done. Anyway I digress! So I'm sitting here reading the Cottage message board and I hear. Em's Friend "This is myyyyy most favorite Polly doll!" Em replies "Well I'm their biggest fan and I love them allllll!" "No your not I'm their biggest Fan! Names of boys I've never heard do these belong to Polly or her brothers friends" "Well I have......." Mommy waits with bated breath for lighters to come on or a catfight to begin! Abbi enters the room "We are Polly's biggest fans so you can't play!" The conversation then digresses as Abbi is a bit stinky so they all have to run and tell me she needs her diaper changed! They were so serious and probably would have really gotten into it if a little sister hadn't interrupted! But the bigger question is for me anyway! Where did they ge "I'm Her Biggest Fan" do I say this? Is it from the TV? God knows Dave doesn't say it those are not the words the children would repeat of his! LOL I'm pretty certain I've never said I'm anyones biggest fan unless it had a very strong note of sarcasm and that would be such that I doubt I would say it around the kids. So this must be from TV or maybe a little friend even this little friend I may have missed that part of the conversation.

I so wish I could record all their conversations and play them back. They are so darn cute. Currently they are co-caring for a puppy(he's stuffed no animals will be harmed in my house, this week! I promise!). The puppy needs a nap and doesn't like to be woked up! And he doesn't like hard things and (oops she's changed from a boy to a girl) she never bites me. She wants to sleep by the nightlight! I taught here how to say sorry in doggy language. And on and on it goes! You have to imagine this all in little 5yr old girl voices! I'm a big mush I wonder if I played that way when I was a kid and if my mom played like this and if I'll remember this when I'm old and grey or when they are 15 and smarting off about something! See I'm all sentimental today it's because Abbi turns a year older this week I can't take it they are growing up too fast I want to freeze them in time!