Food Friends Fun!

So the weekend is almost over! Camp was great we had a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy the projects. In addition to the cards below they made an inspiration jar full of inspirational quotes!!!!

Saturday was guests for dinner that ended up taking my entire day to shop and clean? Why I'm not really sure I'm getting slow I think! Anyway Emily wanted to make Worms and Eyeballs from the Rachel Ray kids cookbook for her friends coming over tonight so after 3 stores shopping for FRESH ingredients(looooonnnng story) I finally had everything I needed. Sufice it to say I should not have started at Trader Joe's and I should not have done any food shopping on a Saturday with a 5yr old. After the shopping was complete I had a friend stop by to drop some stuff off which led to a talk fest. Then I had to clean of course for guests. Sooo I finally got the worms and eyeballs started before the guest arrived and the parents loved loved loved it. The kids were just ok with it! We had ordered pizza for the adults but the kids at that and the adults were too full up on noodles(worms) to eat too much pizza. Oh well everyone seemed to have fun! It's a sign of a good night when the kids cry that they don't want to go home at least I think they enjoyed themselves so that was why they didn't want to leave. LOL

Today was quiet for the most part Dave went out to lunch with some old/ex co-workers and I finished up and closed out Sell-A-Bration phew it's over and I didn't really work it but that deadline looming bugs me. This is the first year I didn't do any SAB workshops just classes and camps and it was way more easy going. If you can't tell I'm the worlds greatest sales person! LOL NOT! I just want to have fun and play! The stress of selling makes me not want to do workshops! I'm not good at dealing with that! I like just doing my little camps and classes. No one need buy just come and have fun during our little class! Anyway I did ok this year I don't think I earned any free stamps again first year but to be honest I probably don't really need anymore stamps and everytime I earn a free set out of the catty the set I pick ends up being retired anyway! I made my quarterly Minimum + enough to let me buy an album I'm working on getting all of my layouts in books actually in a book instead of sitting on a table or counter or in a cabinet stacked on top of each other. Which is probably worse for them than anything else!!!

So noooooow we're on to the planning of Abbi's b-day party! Theme Little Einsteins which she loves. But there in no liscenced stuff out for this show until later this year. Later meaning after March 4th. LOL It's ok it's more challenging this way I'm figuring out the food and goodie bags. The cake will be rocket like the invites and decorations are so far just primary colored stuff. Dianne has some great suggestions for food and such I just have to sit down with Dave and figure out what we're doing. He's mad at me right now since I'm making him hang some stuff on the wall and finish the Downstairs bath before we have 15 guests in our house. Now that he's filled some holes in the walls with the most obnoxious color of putty ever! It's almost primer orange Dude you cannot leave that on my walls! Oh well no nap for him this afternoon! He'll deal!

I'm off to cook up some Chicken Divan for dinner! YUM-O can't wait that and closing cerimonies of the Olympics it'll be a cry fest!