And then it was OVER!

Abbi got a bunch of underwear(clean I must add) and took them downstairs and threw them at the girls the screaming began! The sentimentallity is over now! But I have to say this even as I was yelling at her to pick it up and put it away and stop picking on the girls, she had this smug smile on her face like it was allllllll so worth it! Oh to be the younger sibling!


Mary Jo said…
I can just picture that smug look, too because I got the same look from Evan this morning when he was being a little stinker. You gotta love that look :)
becky said…
now, did you take pictures of the undies everywhere?? that would be fun to scrap!!
Belle (Mallory) said…
You know she totally enjoyed doing that
and I would be willing to bet it was the older sisters underware too hehehe.

Hey thanks for the blog visit today glad your screen is clean now...mine is clean too but it has all these tongue streaks all over it now.... :) (bad arent i)