And She's Gone.

The current fish has passed! Dave informed me last night! Soooo Sad! Once we recover we are going to try another type of fish I think we'll wait till we get back from Nashville though!

So Em is sick this morning she can't hold down food. Poor kid I don't know what to do for her and she's sick of me asking! She finally fell asleep! A little nap will maybe help?

Abbs is bored she lost her playmate! She's trying to enterain herself but I must play puzzle with her every so often! Em did try a bit ago she asked if she could play it didn't last long though and she was back laying down.

Well it's 27 here today! Wooo by Wed we are supposed to get into the 40's such a range of temps in the last week or so! From 60's to 3(below zero with wind) and back up to 40 it's no wonder everyone is getting sick!

Hope everyone is doing ok! Have a great Monday!