Thursday, February 23, 2006

What's With 2yr olds?

So you know I have 2 children! Emily my angel she's now 5 and was apparently the easiest toddler in the entire world! How do I know this? Because I also have Abbigayle who is less than 2 weeks away from her 3rd Birthday and she's well, like someone elses child. You know when you overhear mom's talking about the latest antics of some what seems out of control child. Well I have that child now.

Yesterday will forever be known as Poopy day. I went downstairs to get some coffee and my not so shiny angel is standing in the middle of the family room next to the sit and spin with what????? That's right, poopy all over her hands, feet, clothes, the Sit and Spin, the floor. She says to me, in her very best disgusted voice, "Mommy I got Poopy..."! Yeah I see that so I get her upstairs and cleaned and washed up and tell her over and over not to touch her poopy to come and get mommy or daddy or a grown up she agrees and proceeds to tell me it's yucky. Well yes it is but what Mommy really wants to know is why it seemed like a good idea to play with it?????? Anyway I mumble the entire time I'm cleaning the Sit and Spin(should have thrown it out) and the floor. All done and it's almost time for school that' s half my day already shot YIKES.

Soooooo fast forward to today. Nice pleasant day we are enjoying our new Cinnamon Rolls from Market Day for breakfast! All is right witht he world I come up here to check my emails and work on stamp camp. Then Emily trucks up the stairs to tell me "Mommy Abbigayle stuck playdoh up her nose and I got one out but can't get the other!!!" WHAT why what god the emergency room here we come! So downstairs Abbi is freaking out and pink goo is running from her nose, so I look up there and I can see it but I cant' get it so after much swabbing and squeezing and crying(which really helps melt the playdoh) I think we're pretty cleaned out. Not really sure she may sneeze hot pink for a few days but whatever it's melting. The really funny part is the nose blowing. I don't recall when I learned how to blow my nose but 2,3,4, even 5 year olds don't quite get it. So I kept holding one side of her nose closed and telling her to blow she just kept blowing air out her mouth into my eyes. Arghhhh. I'm hoping it was mildly traumatic for her and she won't be sticking anything up her nose again! Although for safe measure I told her over and over again don't stick anything in your nose, ears, eyes I almost said mouth but she doesn't really eat much anyway so I stopped myself. LOL

Anyway Yesterday was our busy day. School, Dance, Market Day, then home to get ready for the scrappbookers to come over. We had fun though and I stayed up too late again watching the Olympics and didn't scrap a thing I just moved pics around on paper and looked at some Mags and Catty's Jen and Dianne brought. Oh well! Today is another day!

Got to get busy! My day is flying be it's almost noon I can't believe it!


becky said...

hugs to you!! if she has a hot pink sneeze, please let us know, lol

Christi Snow said...

LOL! That is too funny!