It's A Warming Trend!

That's right we made it over 15 degrees today! Quiet day I'm working on Abbi's invites late but this short month throws me off! Had to run to Karens to get blades for my cutter mid project but I was able to drop of daubers to Ana for her what are going to be Wonderful swap cards! Stopped real quick at the Library sale and for $5 I found 4 art books to tear stuff out of for the party a couple of foreign language books for collage and some really old sheet music very cool! Later we did our monthly trip to Sams YIKES Sunday is a madhouse!

Yesterday I finished my swap cards I posted them below! That GIANT exlamation makes me HAPPY it's part of a set of punctuation from Stamped In Ink available at the Cottage,! Between that, the cool ribbon, beads and my rare and extremely coveted paisley stamp this card is my current favorite!

Friday's box class went well except Jen B got a touch of food poisining earlier and couldn't make it! Hopefully she can come Wed and work on it with Paula!

My downstairs is clean clean clean and by that I mean my Dining Room table is cleared off! All of my scrap stuff is where it belongs the scrap room! My flowers from Valentines Day are in the center of the table(in a vase of course) and I'm happy everytime I walk through the room!

Been watching the Olympics of course and working on Camp projects for next Friday! Can't wait for everyone to see what I have in store! I'll post some peaks tomorrow! Woo!